Plasma Cutting Guide


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The Plasma Cutting Guide assists in cutting holes from 5/8” to 36” in diameter.


Product Description

  • Can be used to cut medium to large circles by using just one wheel to balance tool.
  • Allows you to utilize wheels for straight and irregular cuts in order to hold the torch stable.
  • The wheels are not necessary when cutting holes 5/8” to 8” in diameter.


IMG_0077Use  as a Stand-Off

Plasma Cutting Guide

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Guia para Cortador Plasma

Fig. B
You can use one wheel to balance torch for circle cutting.

Fig. A
You can use two wheels to hold torch stable for straight cutting or irregular shapes.

Snapshot 8Use it with our Magnetic Cutting Guide


15-1/2” Extension hex arm (p/n 3311-EX) is available for larger jobs.

Magnetic Base with Suction Cups (p/n 77350) serves as a third hand when cutting large holes.

WARNING: Never use the magnetic base or suction cups when cutting small holes. The heat will damage the magnets or the rubber suction cups.