How do I get one of your catalogs?

Just fill out the request form on this website.
You can view or print a copy by clicking on PRODUCTS,
scroll down to Information Pages and click on FWI Catalog.

Do you repair tools that are out of warranty?

YES. Simply request a RMA stating repair requirements. There will be a nominal charge for repair plus shipping. Quote will be submitted before any repairs are done.

What is your product warranty?

Flange Wizard stands behind the manufacturing quality of all of its tools. All products are warranted for one (1) year from date of purchase by end user. Coverage includes manufacturing workmanship and normal use of tool within the scope of tool’s design. RMA is required before a tool can be returned.

Do you sell Flange Wizard products internationally?

YES – We have wholesalers that cover almost every corner the the world. You can request information by emailing from this website.

Where are Flange Wizard products manufactured?

We are proud that all our tools are MADE IN THE U.S.A.

Where can I buy Flange Wizard products?

End-users can purchase Flange Wizard products at almost any of your local welding supply distributors. Distributors can send a request for information on how to order from one of our major wholesalers, an online distributor, or catalog distributor.