Flange Aligners


flange-aligners-flange-wizardThe Flange Aligner 38240-TL is the largest model. Fits flanges with holes 1/2” to 1-15/16” in diameter x 4″ thick.


38240-t-flange-aligner-flange-wizardThe Flange Aligner 38240-T will fit flanges with holes from 1/2” to 1-7/16” diameter x 2-1/2″ thick.

Product Description

  • All models of the Pipe Aligner will two-hole (make 2 holes of the flange horizontally level with the ground) and vertically level the face of the flange in ONE easy step.
  • Threaded models have fast release double lead threads.
  • All models have one pin that has a 360° vial for easier vertical leveling that just “snaps” in and out for easy replacement.
  • The Pipe Flange Aligner saves valuable fit-up time, in most cases it cuts fit-up time in half and eliminates the frustration of balancing a level on the pins.
  • All models are machined from steel to make a very sturdy and lasting tool.


Flange Aligners
38240-T & 38240-TL

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Nivelador de Bridas
38240-T & 38240-TL

See the Flange Hole Diameter Reference Chart to check hole diameters for your specific flange.



Extensions are available for threaded models to accommodate thicker flanges:

  • 2-7/8” Stud #0501
  • 4-1/2” Stud #0503
  • Coupling #0503-EX