Magnetic Tape Holder


Product Description

  • The Magnetic Tape Holder has been designed with no removable parts and works with most industrial measuring tapes.
  • It is a great little magnetic pocket level and a third hand when doing difficult measuring jobs while working alone.
  • Secure the end of your tape while laying out close tolerance measurements from the end or the center of your material.
  • This tool is machined from aluminum and anodized for a protective finish.
  • A strong 25 pound pull magnet set in epoxy secures the tape holder to your work.
  • There is a rare earth magnet at one end of the tool to hold your tape measure in place while laying out difficult jobs.
  • Size is 5/8 inch square by 4 inches long.




Warning:  Excessive heat can damage the magnets.  Keep magnet away from sensitive electronic devices.