Magnetic Circle Layout & Burning Guide


The Magnetic Circle Layout & Burning Guide is a circle layout tool with sliding soapstone holder and 360° scale on the magnetic base. It will cut circles up to 30” in diameter.

              New upgraded feature: Cutting Guide Body with Wheel in front of tool for better tool support and balance and more cutting control.

       Product Description

  • Bolt circles, hole locations, baffle plate placement, and circle sectioning for any number of reasons is a snap with Flange Wizard®’s layout scale and sliding soapstone holder.
  • As a circle burning guide, use this same tool to cut a round plate; simply place the sharpened pin of the layout tool into your center punch mark and let the magnet slide down to sit firmly on the work surface.
  • The magnet is strong enough to support the weight of your torch, which frees your hands for more cutting control.
  • Bushing I.D is 41/64″ (.640)

It’s recommended to use the Chariot Cutting Guide for larger circles.



WARNING: Never use the magnetic base or suction cups when cutting holes smaller than 8″. The heat will damage the magnets or the rubber suction cups.

NOTE: You can cut holes as small as 4″ when you remove the base.

Available Accessory: 15-1/2″ Extension Hex Bar (P/N 3311-EX) is available for larger circles.

Warning:  Excessive heat can damage the magnets.  Keep magnet block away from sensitive electronic devices.

Magnetic Circle Layout & Burning Guide