Magnetic Torch Guide

#MSG230 & #MSG230-24 (24" Extension)

“New ON/OFF Magnet”

Product Description

  • The Magnetic Torch Guide is a 1/8″ X 1-1/2″ X 24” L stainless steel straight edge rail that comes with two (2) strong, heat resistant, adjustable, magnetic blocks that can be positioned to accommodate any cutting job.
  • The 24″ Extension #MSG230-24 comes complete with one (1) magnetic connecting block and a 1/8″ X 1-1/2″ X 24″ L cutting rail.
  • The connecting blocks are slotted on three (3) sides giving them the capability to fasten to your cutting rail in whatever position your job requires.  (Will accommodate a 3/16″ thick rail.)
The ON/OFF switch makes setting up easy and keeps free from debris.

Used as a cutting guide for conventional torch.

Used as a cutting guide for plasma torch.

Warning:  Excessive heat can damage the magnets.  Keep magnet block away from sensitive electronic devices.  Keep magnet block in “OFF” position when not in use.

Magnetic Torch Guide
MSG230 & MSG230-24

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Guia de Corte Magnetica y Extensiones
MSG230 & MSG230-24